Notizie ed eventi

In questa pagina riportiamo notizie di particolare importanza nell'ambito dell' Information Technology ed eventi di rilevanza nazionale ed internazionale ai quali non abbiamo fatto mancare la nostra presenza.


18 giugno 2020 - Cloudera EMEA Partner Summit 2020

Una particolare citazione ricevuta da Christian Violi, Channel and Alliance Director, EMEA: "Trust, Experience, Skills, are the values of this company. Founded by four senior professionals in IT and communications with a wide and deep experience in project management, sw implementation and development. This network of experts has grown in parallel with the evolution of the information technology, consolidating his focus on two main pillars: data and cloud. In 2017 the decision to be 100% focused on Cloudera and to find a clear positioning as the trusted and expert partner of cloudera and his ecosystem. If you have to build a deal they offer services for presale support like assessment and architectural design, presentations, demo and prototyping. When the deal is closed they deliver high quality services for installation, administration, development, data analyst and data engineering. Let me say a big thank you to the fabulous 4 founders of DIVERGENTO:: Alberto Romanò, Mario Marangione, Fabio Zanini and Giordano Macchi."


12 novembre 2019 - Cloudera Data Platform presso Arena di Milano


28 dicembre 2018 - Cloudera Data Analyst Certification


10/12 luglio 2018 - Londra : Cloudera Big Data Architect Workshop


20 aprile 2018 - Milano - Cloudera Partner Event


3/4 luglio 2017 - Cloudera Meeting : Sales & Presales workshop and Data Science on Hadoop

1 giugno 2017 - Milano : Partecipazione all'evento SPARK - un unico motore per il Big Data

22 maggio 2017 - Londra : Partecipazione con Divergento a CLOUDERA EMEA Partner Summit